Pool house and backyard design

Flexible ADU Pool house easy to turn it into entertaining house or gym


Beginning: The Gateway Stairs

In the heart of Palos Verdes, our story unfolds in a backyard sanctuary. Step into this heaven through a grand staircase, shaded by ancient Japanese pine trees. These majestic pines cast gentle shadows, ushering you into a different world.

Chapter One: Poolside Magic

At the center lies a sparkling pool, its secrets hidden beneath a clever IPE deck. Slide it away to reveal a refreshing surprise. The Japanese pine trees stand as silent sentinels, framing the pool with their graceful branches. It's here that the family gathers, creating memories in the cool water.

Chapter Two: The Adaptable Pool House

Enter the pool house – a versatile space with textured Venetian stucco walls telling tales of time. The bathroom, adorned with verde glossy tiles, adds a touch of imperfect beauty. The pool house transforms for events, guests, or even a quick workout, adapting to the family's whims.

Chapter Three: Outdoor Shower Symphony

A living sculpture emerges in the form of an outdoor shower. Crafted from reclaimed vertical posts, it's a work of art in progress. Spaces between the posts let sunlight dance through, creating a symphony of shadows. The Japanese pine trees silently observe, their needles whispering tales of nature.

Conclusion: Sunset Serenade

As the day ends, the backyard transforms into a serene symphony. The Japanese pine trees' silhouettes dance against the setting sun, weaving the final chapter. This isn't just a backyard; it's a simple tale of sunlight, leaves, and laughter – a Pine Haven Retreat in the heart of Palos Verdes.

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